Spending Christmas in Austin

Like birds, many people who live in areas that get really cold during the winter season often migrate to the south for milder weathers and warmer climates for the holidays. They don’t have to worry about blizzards, getting snowed in, frequently scraping ice off their wind shields, shoveling snow off their driveway, or wearing so many layers of clothing that they can hardly fit through the door.

If you’d like to spend your Christmas somewhere warmer this year, then Austin, Texas is the place to go. There are so many things to see and do when you spend Christmas in Austin and the best part is you can enjoy doing them all without heavy coats, hats and sweaters.

Thinking About Spending Christmas in Austin this Year?

Just because you’re spending the holiday somewhere that won’t have a white Christmas doesn’t mean that the holiday spirit and Christmas atmosphere will cease to exist. After all, there’s more to Christmas than just snow and cold weather.

Many people who get to experience Christmas in Austin have actually testified it to being one of the best Christmases they’ve ever had, despite the lack of snow. There are amazing light shows and displays, awesome arts and crafts festivals, tons of shopping and great dining, and an overall joyous and wonderful Christmas atmosphere that fills the air. Austin is a great place to visit all on its own with frequent public events and live performances from various bands and artists, but visiting during Christmas just makes it that much better.

Austin isn’t that far, especially if you choose to fly. It’s much more accessible than going out of the country, probably more affordable than taking a cruise, and there’s just something about Austin that makes you feel like it’s your home away from home. And that’s just some of the reasons why many choose to spend their holiday in this awesome city.

Christmas in Austin: Lights and Christmas Trees

If you’re wondering whether people in Austin are as gung-ho about Christmas lights, decorations and Christmas trees as any other part of the country you’ll soon find out that they are, if not even more so. With dozens of lights shows, Christmas light displays, Christmas tree lighting events, and Christmas decorations flooding the streets of downtown, it’s undeniable that this city loves the Christmas holiday.

Here are just some of the many ways you can enjoy all the lights and festivities when you spend Christmas in Austin.

  • Trails of Lights. Located near downtown Austin in the Zilker Park, you can enjoy amazing light displays with over 40 lighted scenes and more than 180,000 Christmas lights on a one mile walk as well as hot chocolate and live performances on stage. If you’d much rather ride through the lights then you can join the Austin Ridge Riders or run the Austin Trail of Lights 5K with others.
  • Santa’s Ranch. Another great light show with hundreds of different displays and animations consisting of over one million Christmas lights on a mile long trail. This you can enjoy while cruising in the comforts of your car.
  • 37th Street Lights. No matter where you are in Austin during Christmas, you’re bound to be surrounded by lights especially if you find yourself wandering 37th Street. It’s filled with dozens of quirky and fun Christmas light displays that have become a popular holiday destination for many visitors.
  • Zilker Tree Lighting. Don’t miss the amazing light of this 150 foot tall Christmas tree which features over 3,300 Christmas lights and décor. The ceremony is free and everyone is welcome.
  • Capitol Tree Lighting. Along with the lighting of the Capitol Tree you can also enjoy live entertainment, free food, galleries, shops, and restaurants that fill Austin’s Congress Avenue.
  • Austin Christmas Tree Farms. If all those tree lighting events have given you Christmas tree envy, then head to a Christmas tree farm where you can choose and cut down your very own authentic Christmas tree.
  • Project Xmas. If there’s one home you need to visit in Austin it would have to be Project Xmas. This little house makes a big statement during the Christmas season when it features over 20,000 Christmas lights as well as decorations and yard art.

Christmas in Austin: Food, Shopping, and Fun

There are even more things to see and do during Christmas in Austin and with the plethora of activities, sights, shopping and events you’ll never find yourself sitting idle in your hotel room flipping through channels on the TV; unless of course that’s your idea of fun. For everyone else who likes to be out and about, check out these events below –

  • Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. With works from over 100 artists, craftsmen and merchants shopping at this bazaar is a one of a kind experience especially when you add in live music and dancing.
  • Junior League Christmas Affair. There’s nothing like a congregation of 200 national merchants and thousands of holiday shoppers. With this many selections you’re bound to find unique and awesome Christmas gifts.
  • Blue Genie Art Bazaar. If art is your thing than this is one art show you don’t want to miss out on. It showcases over 100 of the best artists in Austin and all their amazing works. In addition, the free event also offers fabulous indoor shopping with hundreds of art, paintings, ceramics, trinkets and more to choose from.
  • “Homespun Holidays” at the Austin Farmer’s Market. There’s nothing like gourmet food samples, holiday gifts, and fun activities for the whole family during Christmas and it’s all available at the Homespun Holidays event.
  • Thorton Road Studios Holiday Art Sale. Art from over 30 extraordinary artists, festive live music, interactive demonstrations, and incredible delicacies can all be found at this fantastic event.
  • Austin Weihnachtsmarkt. You might not be able to pronounce it, but don’t let that deter you from visiting this German Christmas Market. Your kids will especially love a visit from St. Nicholas himself.
  • Whole Foods Market: Ice Skating on the Roof. Just because it doesn’t get below zero in Austin during the winter season doesn’t mean you can’t go ice skating, on the roof of Whole Foods Market nonetheless!

If you’re ready for a change of scenery and climate during the Christmas holidays, then head on down to Austin, Texas for a Christmas experience like no other. The wonderful Christmas ambiance, friendly warm people, and excitement on every corner will make your Christmas in Austin unforgettable.

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